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Is advance purchase required and can I get a refund once I’ve purchased tickets?

Yes, advance purchase is required. In order to get the date and time you desire, we advise purchasing well in advance. Tickets are available here or by phone. Your tickets are Non-Refundable and cannot be rescheduled. Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded and cannot be rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed at the event. Activity may be moved or cancelled due to severe weather- Please be aware that in the event of excessive rainfall in our area, we may be forced to change cave locations. In the rare occurrence this happens, you will receive additional information from G3. Additionally, we may be forced to cancel the activity up to an hour before the start time in the event of severe or unsafe weather conditions. If we cancel or move the event, ticket-holders will be allowed to reschedule tickets (subject to availability) or receive credit for a future event.

How is a wild cave different from a show cave?

No lights, no handrails, and no paved paths!  Expect a great deal of challenging physical activity. Participants should be prepared to crawl on hands and knees, climb on rocks, maneuver up muddy banks, balance on slick surfaces, and stoop while walking for extended distances. We ask you to seriously consider these requirements before committing to a wild cave tour.

Which cave tour should I go on?

The 1 hour tour is designed for people that have never been underground before and aren’t sure how they’re going to react to the unique environment. The 1 hour tour goes into the first room of the cave only, yet still allows participants to see formations, animal life, and complete darkness. You will still be muddy enough for a great after picture!

The 2 hour tour is designed for those looking for more adventure. Participants will go further back in the cave, see more formations, and be physically challenged along the way. While more challenging than the 1 hour, this tour is still appropriate for children age six and up.

The 4 hour tour is a true adventure and offers a chance to explore many of the seldom seen side passages and harder to reach spots inside the cave. This tour is for ages 12 and up and is recommended for those who have experienced caving before.


What’s it like underground?

Dark, muddy, wet (sometimes very wet), and unforgettable! There are bats, salamanders, crayfish, and a few other cave insects scattered throughout the passageways. There is absolutely no light other than what our headlamps give off (no worries, we carry extra batteries!) Water levels can range from completely dry to completely flooded, but we will not attempt a tour if the water exceeds 40″. Most of the year expect it to be less than knee deep.

What is the temperature in the cave?

The cave is 56- 58 degrees.

Where are the caves located?

We offer tours at Cloudland Canyon State Park and Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area, both located in Northwest Georgia. Meeting locations for the caves are given in your confirmation email. Please make sure to read ALL of the email!

Pigeon Mountain tours normally meet on Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area. 

Cloudland Canyon tours normally meet at our Outpost in Cloudland Canyon State Park (follow the signs once you are at the park for G3 Adventures. We are close to the Disc Golf Course. Park is located at 122 Cloudland Canyon Park Rd. Rising Fawn, GA 30738)

What’s the difference between the caves?

​We lead tours in two different caves, Sitton’s Cave at Cloudland Canyon State Park and Pettyjohn’s Cave at Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area. Sitton’s Cave is a highly decorated horizontal cave with a beautiful river passage. We will crawl in the mud, climb on rocks, and walk through the river throughout the tour. Pettyjohn’s Cave is a physically challenging cave with large piles of rocks and boulders to climb on to get to smaller passages. There are open rooms larger than a house and smaller squeezes less than 2 feet tall.


Where are your winter tours?

During the months of December, January, February, and most of March, we will be closed for public tours. We offer a limited number of group tours and private tours that must be scheduled well in advance and are only available as staff schedules permit. We have found that over the years, we take very few people caving over the winter months, even with the year-round mild temperatures, so we suspend public tours during that time. Send us a message or call us though and we will see what we can do if you have to go underground during the winter! You might be able to shake us out of hibernation!

Why don’t you offer tours at Cloudland Canyon all the time?

Cloudland Canyon State Park has set a very specific schedule for it’s caves that we must adhere to. We are only allowed to get permits during the months of April, June, July, September, and October.
Our Pigeon Mountain tours are offered April- November each year except for three dates set aside for a deer hunt on the Wildlife Management Area.
Please see our full calendar for available tours.

How do we get to the cave?

For Cloudland Canyon trips: All participants are required to provide their own transportation to the cave. We caravan from the G3 Outpost building approximately 7 miles down the mountain to the lower parking lot.

For Pigeon Mountain trips: All participants meet in the parking lot beside the cave. We walk a short distance to the cave entrance.


Is there a place to change after the tour?

For Cloudland Canyon trips: There will be a place to change your clothes but there are no showering facilities.

For Pigeon Mountain trips: There are no facilities to change clothes. We recommend wearing layers of clothing for removal after the tour.


How physically challenging is a cave tour?

On every tour, you can expect to be physically challenged. You must be able to crawl on hands and knees in slick mud, balance on rocks, stoop in passageways, squeeze in small spaces, and climb boulders. While we do not have size requirements, we ask you to seriously consider your abilities before you commit to a cave tour. Our tours at the Pigeon Mountain location are more physically challenging due to the large rock breakdown piles that we climb up and over.

Is the tour dangerous? 

We do our best to ensure your safety, but just as in any outdoor activity, there are inherent risks involved. You must agree to and sign a liability waiver prior to participating in a tour.

Can I bring my 0-5 year old on a tour?

A wild cave tour is a very physically demanding adventure that requires climbing, crawling and wading in an underground river up to 40 inches. Children under the age of 6 are usually not tall enough to wade in the water safely or capable of climbing up and over the rock piles in the cave. We also do not have appropriate gear to fit young children. We have found that at the age of 6, children are more capable of enjoying this new, underground environment. We do not allow parents to carry their children as we require each participant to have hands free to maintain safety and balance in the slick mud and rocks.

What should I wear?

Please wear a long sleeve shirt or sweatshirt, long pants or jeans, and closed toed shoes with good tread. We highly recommend wearing a belt as muddy pants tend to slide down! Make sure to bring a complete change of clothes for after the tour.

What shouldn’t I wear?

Please do not wear tank tops, shorts, ponchos, baseball hats, water shoes, flat bottomed running shoes, or flip flops. Please leave all jewelry at home. The less you bring with you underground, the better!

Should I tip the guides?

The guides love to hear feedback, especially if you think they’ve done a good job. If you feel that they deserve a tip for their efforts, then by all means offer one. Please note that this is not an obligation, but rather a very generous gesture of your appreciation.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

For Cloudland Canyon trips: There are no bathrooms available during the tour. There is a bathroom available before the start of the tour at the G3 Outfitter’s building.

For Pigeon Mountain trips: There are no bathrooms available during the tour. Please make sure to arrive on site having gone to the restroom.


Can I bring food or drink on the tour?

For 1 or 2 hour tours: We generally advise bringing as little as possible.

For 4 hour and Extreme tours: Please plan on bringing a small pack for your group with snacks and water. We will take a break in the cave to refuel for more adventure!


Can I bring my dog on the tour?

We at G3 are dog lovers and we realize that many of our clients are too! Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed into the cave environment and frankly, we’ve seen a few people try and the dog refuses to go! It’s a dark place and we haven’t seen anyone make a doggy helmet and headlamp yet, so we ask that you leave your furry friends with someone else before coming on a cave tour with G3.

If my tour is at Cloudland Canyon State Park, do we have to pay to get into the state park?

Yes, there is a state park fee of $5 that you will need to pay at the entrance to the park. Make sure to bring cash! If your tour is at Pigeon Mountain, you do not need to get a state park pass, but you must get the Georgia Outdoors License (more information right below this).

If my tour is at Pigeon Mountain, do we have to pay to get into the wildlife management area?

Yes, you must purchase a Georgia Outdoors License per person over the age of 16 in advance. For GA residents, the most cost effective license to purchase is a One-Day Apprentice Hunting and Fishing License for $5. For GA non-residents, the most cost effective license to purchase is a One-Day Fishing License for $10. Each transaction also has a $2.50 fee. A Lands Use Pass is also available for $30 (GA resident) or $60 (Non-resident). We understand that this can add a significant fee to your tour and we have petitioned this new rule change that became effective July 1, 2017. If you would like to leave comments on this pass, please contact us for an email address.  If your tour is at Cloudland Canyon State Park, you do not need this pass, only a state park pass for your vehicle. 

Can I bring my camera or phone with me?

You are welcome to bring your camera or phone, but please note that we will be in both water and mud, so you will want to bring a waterproof camera or phone, or keep your items in a Ziploc bag. There is a chance that any electronics you bring could get ruined by nature. We also sell Waterproof Pouches for your phones that are perfect for taking cave pictures without getting a mud covered smart phone!

Are tours handicap accessible?

Our tours are not handicap accessible and can be considered physically challenging. With that said, we have had people in casts as well as older folks come on our tours. We recommend that you be aware of your own physical limitations, and determine if this tour is right for you.

Is this tour okay for pregnant women?

Congratulations on your upcoming little one! Several of us at G3 are Moms too and we want you to know we will be happy to take you caving after your baby is born. Because of our locations in the wilderness and the distance from medical assistance, we do not allow pregnant women to come on our tours.

Do you offer private and group tours?

Sure! Group tours are great for corporate events, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, really any special occasion that begs for a little adventure. We work closely with scout troops and youth groups to customize a grand adventure!

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes! Gift cards are a wonderful treat for any outdoor adventure lover! Contact us for more information.

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