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Educational Programs


Do you want to expose your students to one of our state treasures? Come to Cloudland Canyon State Park for a program to see waterfalls, live animals, and unique geology. Most programs consist of an interactive program, hiking opportunity, and nature craft to take home with the use of a picnic pavilion for lunch. Programs are offered for all grade levels and correlate to state educational standards (specific standards are listed after program description).

Elementary & Middle School Programs

  • Senses of Nature (K): Use your five senses while you learn about rocks, see a Georgia animal, and go on a scavenger hunt hike. Make a nature craft to take home. SKE2
  • The Clouds of Cloudland (1st): Learn the importance of water at Cloudland Canyon by hiking to a waterfall and making a water cycle bracelet. S1E2
  • Frogs and Toads (2nd): Investigate the amazing amphibians of Georgia in all of their life forms. S2L1
  • Cumberland Plateau (3rd): See the rock cycle up close in a walk through the sedimentary rocks of Cloudland Canyon. Test rocks for different properties and take a special rock home. S3L1, S3E1
  • Oh Deer! (4th): Discover the amazing mammals of Georgia and how they are uniquely formed for survival. S4L1
  • Where’d It Go? (5th): Why is there a big canyon here in Georgia? Learn about the power of erosion by water, wind, and plants in this fun program. S5E1
  • Power of the Sun (6th): Burn off some energy as we learn about the power of the sun as a way to light our houses and fuel our bodies. S6E6
  • Aquatic Bodies (7th): Study the water of Daniel’s Creek to discover the importance of the smallest invertebrates on water quality. S7L4
  • Over the Edge (8th): Use the height of Cloudland Canyon to do some fun physics experiments that are not possible from your backyard! S8P3

High School Programs

  • Biology: Why are our Eastern Hemlock trees disappearing from the Canyon? Learn more about the importance of this plant in our ecosystem and what can be done to stop its destruction. SB4
  • Earth Systems: Using the Sedimentary Rocks of Cloudland Canyon, we will explore the geologic history as we travel from Pennsylvanian Sandstone to Mississipian Limestone. SES3, SES4
  • Environmental Science: Using the preserved areas of Cloudland Canyon, we will explore the abiotic and biotic factors that affect this state treasure. SEV2

School programs are offered throughout the year. The cost is $3 per participant (including parent chaperones and siblings) or a minimum of $200. Park Passes must be obtained for each vehicle entering the state park. Scheduling must be made 2 weeks in advance and must be secured by a non-refundable deposit. If a program is cancelled by G3 due to weather or staffing issues, we will attempt to reschedule or will refund your deposit.

Girl Scouts

Using the Journey book, It’s Your Planet, Love It!, girls will participate in hand-on, outdoor programs to learn more about the world around them. Each participant will earn a G3 nature badge. Program length is estimated.

  • Between Earth and Sky (Daisy): Explore the world around us with a guided nature scavenger hunt to see amazing rocks, wonderful waterfalls, and beautiful birds. 1 hour
  • WOW! Wonders of Water (Brownie): What is happening to our water and why are some creek critters disappearing? Go on a water hunt to find out. 3 hours
  • Get Moving! (Junior): Explore the animal world to see how different species use energy and the importance of conserving energy and resources at home. Make recycled paper to take home. 3 hours
  • Breathe (Cadette): Enjoy the fresh air of the woods as we take time to make a nature journal, learn about environmental pioneers, and reflect on our time in nature. 2 hours
  • Sow What? (Senior): We will travel through the forest taking soil samples to analyze for food growth. Make your own compost bin to take home and make your own garden soil! 2 hours
  • Justice (Ambassador): Imagine a state park as your backyard. What would you do to protect it? Eplore the topic of environmental justice while enjoying natural surroundings. 1 hour
  • You Be The Leader (any level): In the spirit of girl-led programs, you are able to design a program based on your troop’s needs. We will help you make a fun adventure for your troop!
Kfar Saba, Israel - November 2, 2013: Unidentified Israel Scouts aged 12-16 getting ready to leave on an autumn trip on Nov. 2, 2013 in Kfar Saba, Israel
Three boys of diverse ethnic background in cub scout uniforms

Boy Scouts

It is our goal in each Boy Scout Program to give the materials and experiences necessary for a scout to earn a merit badge. Some badges will require project completion at home or at other facilities. Program length is estimated.

  • Bird Study 3 hours
  • Climbing 6 hours
  • Environmental Science 2 hours
  • Fish and Wildlife Management 2 hours
  • Forestry 2 hours
  • Geocaching 3 hours
  • Insects 2 hours
  • Nature 3 hours
  • Orienteering 3 hours
  • Plant Science 3 hours
  • Search and Rescue 6 hours
  • Wilderness Survival 3 hours

Programs we can offer information and activities on, but cannot fulfill requirements for badges include: Mammal Study, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Soil and Water Conservation, Sustainability, and Weather.

Cub Scouts: Come to the park for hiking and nature studies. Individual programs will be designed based on troop needs.

Scout Programs are offered throughout the year for $100 per hour of programming. Multiple programs can be offered in one day. Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance by calling 706-913-7170 and must be secured with a non-refundable deposit. If a program is cancelled by G3 for any reason, we will attempt to reschedule or we will refund your deposit.

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