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Cloudland Canyon Cave Tours


A Wild Cave Tour at Cloudland Canyon State Park is something you can only experience with G3 Adventures.

We hope you will join us for this incredible experience in the underground world that most people never get to see. Lookout Mountain is not a solid mountain with a tall peak, such as our mountains in the Appalachians. It is part of the Cumberland Plateau, a wide, long mountain that is pocketed with caves in the limestone layers. Georgia is home to many caves, but the ones that make Lookout Mountain are unique and a G3 Adventures Wild Cave Tour provides a glimpse into the many wonders we cannot see on any other outdoor adventure such as hiking, camping, or biking. This is not just another walk in a lighted cave. This is an adventure that requires you to push through the mud, crawl on your hands and knees, climb over slippery rocks, and walk through an underground river. These physical challenges are hard, but the reward is worth it. You will see amazing cave formations, unique rocks, cave life, and rooms that will take your breath away with their beauty. These caves are not modified for people, they are in their natural state, creating a sense of unknown and excitement on each adventure. There are no lights, no guardrails, and no pathways. We provide you with safety gear including helmets, headlamps, kneepads, and gloves, while you provide the long pants, long sleeved shirt, and closed-toed shoes that you are willing to get very muddy and wet. Don’t forget your camera! These pictures are what social media was made for! You can tag #g3adventures for everyone to see you in action. You’ll have to wait until you’re above ground to post though, because there is no Wi-Fi or cell service on this adventure! We sell pouches and dry bags for you to take with you underground and protect your phone or camera.

You can often feel  the cave before you see it as it is a constant 58 degrees that is like air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter.

To begin your tour, you will drive your vehicle from our building to the bottom of the mountain where we will do a safety talk with all of the participants. From the parking lot, we walk a short distance through the woods to the cave where we encounter one of the largest cave entrances in Georgia. This is a great activity to enjoy year-round as the temperature underground never changes.There is 40 foot slope leading into the cave, requiring everyone to sit and scoot on the dirty rocks to get down safely. We then head into a muddy hands and knees crawl to get to the first room of the cave where we join up with the underground river passage. The height of the river fluctuates from completely dry to flooded, but we will not do our tour if the water gets above 40 inches. You will walk in the underground river, heading in and out of the cold water, as you visit more rooms in the cave. Due to the fluctuating river, we limit our participants to those who are ages 6 and up only and don’t allow dogs on our tours. Once you are done with your tour, you are free to go to your next adventure or come back to purchase souvenirs at our building.

 Take nothing by pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time. 

Every tour is led by highly qualified guides who are deeply concerned with the protection of the cave environment, cave conservation, and live by the Caver’s Motto: “Take nothing by pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.” While each guide is concerned with the protection of the cave, they are also more concerned with your safety while underground. They provide specific rules to protect you while you are in this extreme environment and teach you the rules you need to follow if you decide that caving is a sport that you are called to. Your guide is also your teacher and is there to educate you on the amazing world you are seeing. They will explain basic cave geology, formation development, bat biology and concerns, cave life you encounter such as crickets and salamanders, and the history of the cave. Questions are encouraged as each guide has experiences and knowledge to share with you on their love of caves. We want to get to know you on the tour and we encourage you to start a conversation with us! Tours are also a chance for us to share tips on how to get started in caving on your own. We will give you suggestions for groups you can join, other tours you can go on, and resources for your continued development as a “caver”. We can also share with you our favorite places to buy cave gear.

The caves at the State Park are unique and are under a special management plan that only allows us to enter during the months of April, June, July, September, and October. We are also limited to 13 participants on each tour and a maximum of 80 participants in a week. Due to these strict rules, we are often not allowed into the cave, but offer our tours at our Pigeon Mountain location instead. Either location will be an amazing adventure for you and your family. Our main goal on every tour is for you to love this place as much as we do. We want you to leave this underground playground saying that you went on the trip of a lifetime and whether you want to come back again or not, you are proud of yourself for completing this adventure!

Are you an adventurer, but have never been underground with rocks above your head? Do you sometimes have a moment in an elevator? Maybe you aren’t sure if this muddy, rocky, dark world is for you, your child, or a friend. If this is the case, then sign up for one hour of muddy fun in the cave. This tour is designed to ease you into the underground world with the ability to back out if you feel unable to continue. This tour is for beginners, but make no mistake, it still requires a good deal of physical activity as you will be crawling, climbing, scooting, and sliding your way through the cave passages. This is not a walking tour. You will be required to do a hands and knees crawl to get into the cave, walk into the underground river, and slide your way out with a high army crawl to the daylight. Your guide will give you information on cave geology and safe caving, while also showing you basic cave formations and cave life. Every tour features a time for “lights out” where we enjoy the darkness that is unlike anywhere else on earth. At the end of your time in the cave, your guide will lead you back safely to the light, through a fantastic muddy crawl. We hope you remember your change of clothes, because even after an hour, you will be covered in mud! Many of our one hour tours are combined with two hour tours at the same time and same location. If you see this and there are participants on the two hour tour, you will be given an opportunity to continue on the tour and extend your time in the cave. You can pay the difference of the two tours ($10 per person) when you arrive back in the parking lot. This is a nice option for parents with children who have never been underground.

The two hour wild cave tour provides options for each participant. As we walk in and out of the underground river, we arrive at rooms that on either side of the river. Getting out of the water and visiting these rooms not only gets us further back into the cave, but it allows us to see some amazing formations, including our favorites, Cave Bacon, Angela’s Formation Room, and The Chocolate Factory. Along the way, we give you optional small space challenges, such as The Rabbit Hole and The Turtle Tunnel. These small spaces provide participants with a taste of how low they can go. While they are there to challenge you, it is not necessary for you to complete them to get into the next room. There are optional passageways for you if you decide against going into the small spaces. At the end of our time, we sit for a few moments in the dark with our lights out to provide a chance for you to listen to the cave and notice how your brain reacts to pure darkness. We go further into depth on topics such as formation development, White Nose Syndrome,fossils, and cave navigation. Working our way out, we exit from a different place then we entered. It is a low, muddy army crawl out of the cave. Your motivation to keep crawling will come from the daylight you see on the other side! Exciting the cave will bring on a happy feeling where you can take pride in knowing you completed your adventure. Wet, muddy, and tired, we encourage you to rest up and think about the next wild cave tour you will go on with us.

A true adventurer, ready for any challenges, will be the one to sign up for this tour. This is a true caving experience. While small space challenges are optional on our 2 Hour Tour, they become mandatory on our 4 Hour Adventure. This is a physically challenging tour where we often use short sections of rope to help us up and over obstacles. Be ready for mud, water, and pushing yourself physically on this adventure. Bring a small pack with a water and a granola bar or candy bar for energy throughout the trip. Layers are good on this trip as you will sometimes be sweaty and sometimes be cold from the constant water and cold rocks. This trip is for ages 12 and up only.

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