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About Us

We all believe in giving back to the environmental community, so many of us have memberships in the National Speleological Society, Bat Conservation International, Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc., Georgia Speleological Survey, and Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia. G3 Adventures is also an approved vendor for the Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites, has a Right of Entry agreement to Crockford-Pigeon Mountain, a Georgia Wildlife Management Area, and is insured and bonded.

G3 Adventures began as an exciting idea shared by two women over a cup of coffee. In 2011, Christine Rose, aka Pebbles, and Amy (Ward) Gonzalez, aka Tiny, came together and began Georgia Girl Guides as a guiding operation based out of Cloudland Canyon State Park. Christine was working as a park naturalist and Amy was in the park office and an active member of the Search and Rescue Team when they saw that the dwindling state park budget meant they may be losing their jobs. They knew they needed to do something to continue to work at this amazing place (If you have never been to Cloudland Canyon, then go! It is one of the most beautiful places in the Southeast).

Starting a business, they quit their jobs and proposed becoming a vendor for the park. The park accepted and a true partnership began! Georgia Girl Guides began offering wild cave tours and guided hikes in the fall of 2011. In 2013, they began offering environmental school and scout programs at the park.

In 2016, Amy left the company to start a family and Christine became sole owner, having to hire guides to help out. After hiring two men, she thought it would be a good idea to change the business name to reflect the growth of the company and Georgia Girl Guides became G3 Adventures.

We have continued to grow and have a great group of guides that are passionate about their work with G3. You will often find us out on the trails at the park as we enjoy spending most of our off time in the woods and underground!


Dedicated to the Highest Quality Experiences

We take great pride in our reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google, and Facebook and almost all of them over the years continue to be 5-star ratings. We strive to be the best business ever and some of our participants contact us directly to tell us how much they like their experience.


Christine Walkey, Co-Founder and Current Owner
Christine co-founded the business after seeing the opportunity for G3 as a Seasonal Naturalist at Cloudland Canyon State Park. With over 15 years of experience in the Environmental Education field, Christine has worked for Nature Centers, Parks, and Walt Disney World as an educator. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Science from The University of North Carolina at Asheville and a Masters of Science Degree in Ecological Teaching and Learning from The Audubon Expedition Institute/Lesley University. Growing up in New Hampshire gave her an enormous love for mountains and outdoor recreation that has continued to be a part of her life in the mountains of North Georgia.


Amy Gonzalez, Co-Founder
Amy co-founded the business after working at Cloudland Canyon State Park for 10 years. A long time resident of Lookout Mountain, she worked her way up through the park and became a member of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Search and Rescue Team. Amy has left the business after many years to start a family and we look forward to the day she lets us take her little one caving.


Jerry WallaceAdventure Leader
Jerry was our first “Guy Guide”, although he refers to himself as the “Geezer Guide.” A long-time caver, and Fellow of the National Speleological Society, he is a wealth of experience and knowledge and has been working in the cave guiding business for over 17 years. When he is not underground, you can often find Jerry playing his didgeridoo on the streets of Chattanooga or showcasing his artwork in the local community.


Marti GreenAdventure Guide
Marti started caving when she was 12. She is a member of the National Speleological Society and the Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc.  She is always excited to introduce her family and friends to the caving world. In her spare time, she enjoys paddle boarding, art, discovering new places, and swimming.


Julia YearoutAdventure Guide
Julia is a “caver-kid”,one whose parents are cavers, so she grew up going underground before most of use ever knew there were caves in Georgia.  She just completed her first year at the University of Georgia where she is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science. She is a counselor this summer for a 4-H camp in Georgia, so we will only get to see her when she’s home for the weekends and holidays. We miss her tons, but are happy when she comes home and earns a few bucks by working at G3.


Rachel HeadAdventure Leader
Rachel is a graduate student in Environmental Science at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She is currently developing a cave research project for her thesis work and a member of the UTC Herpetology research team. Rachel is dedicated to environmental outreach and education about the amazing outdoor opportunities available in our region. When not caving, she can often be found hiking with friends, looking for salamanders under rocks, or in the lab at UTC. She also enjoys travelling, having studied abroad in Australia and the Bahamas, and visiting Croatia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.


Jake MeltonAdventure Leader
Jake began his caving career in the depths of Pettyjohn’s Cave in Walker County, Georgia. Teaching himself and friends how to cave safely became a job when he started work with G3. He is a current student at Chattanooga State College and plans on majoring in Environmental Science. His interest in Cave Rescue has grown and he recently completed Level 1 training at the National Cave Rescue Commission. When not working or studying, you can expect to run into Jake on the trail while he is backpacking, rock climbing, or bouldering.

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