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Various hikes are offered near and atop Lookout Mountain by G3 Adventures. You are encouraged to bring water, snacks, and appropriate clothing and shoes for the weather to enjoy the trail. Special arrangements may be made for groups and private hikes by contacting us. Our schedule of hikes includes Wildflower Hikes in the spring and Night Hikes from April- November. Come join us on one of these educational and fun adventures!


Explore the underground world of limestone caves in the Northwest Georgia Mountains. You will travel through dark tunnels that lead you to open rooms of incredible cave formations. Helmets, headlamps, knee pads, and gloves are provided. Cloudland Canyon State Park allows us into the cave during the months of April, June, July, September, and October only. During April- November, please come with us on a wild cave tour on Pigeon Mountain.  A limited number of group tours and private tours are available during the winter months. Please contact us directly to see if we are available.Please visit our FAQs for more information about our locations.


Do you want to expose your students to one of our state treasures? Come to Cloudland Canyon State Park for a program to see waterfalls, live animals, and unique geology. Most programs consist of an interactive program, hiking opportunity, and nature craft to take home with the use of a picnic pavilion for lunch. Programs are offered for all grade levels and correlate to state educational standards (specific standards are listed after program description).

If you are looking to add some adventure to your life, look no further!

G3 Adventures is the premier adventure guide service for the Northwest Georgia area. Our trips are designed for those who are unfamiliar with or wanting to know more about the natural world. Bring your families along and experience a safe, fun adventure.

Most of us come from an environmental background and believe the naturalist David Attenborough when he says “No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.” We are here to help you have that experience, so you will care about this amazing place we call home.

G3 Adventures offers wild cave tours, guided hikes and educational programs. We offer an extensive collection of environmental education programs for many types of groups including schools, homeschool co-ops, churches, scouts, and corporations. All the gear you need will be provided to you, just bring along a camera to capture the memories.

We have a passion for the natural world and have made it our life’s work to share that passion with you. Each of our tours is unique and customized to help each participant have an amazing experience above and below Lookout Mountain. We have the best job in the world and because we honestly believe that, we are thrilled to be in a cave, out in the woods, or on a trail with you and thank you for choosing us.

Our qualifications include degrees in Environmental Science and Environmental Education, over 20 combined years of Experiential Education, over 20 combined years of Cave Guiding, training in multiple levels of First Aid include Wilderness First Responder and Emergency Medical Responder, and training in multiple levels of Cave Rescue with the National Cave Rescue Commission.

We can’t wait to show you the amazing things G3 Adventures and Northwest Georgia has to offer! Please visit our schedule page to see what tours and activities we have coming up for you. If you don’t see something that fits into your schedule, please contact us. We are a small company and we can often move things around to accommodate you and your group. And remember our motto, “No Destination, Just Exploration!”

“Caving with you was the best thing I have ever done!” -M.
“We had expectations from a teenager thinking it could be lame, to an 8-year-old thinking it would be too yucky, to a mom who though she might not handle the tight squeezes without panicking. I am so thankful that you took us all under your wing, met us each where we were and we all left saying, ‘That was awesome! When can we go again?’” – Kelly F.
“Thank you again for the outstanding program today. It was just the right amount of “teaching time” and freedom for the kids to look and explore what they have learned in the classroom. Books, pictures, and articles are only part of the learning. It was exciting to see the kids explore and talk about what they were seeing. Several told me it was “the best field trip ever!”…thank you again for giving our students an authentic informal science experience.” – Jane, elementary public school teacher

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